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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Altaic Pride!

I ran across this online forum for discussing issues of pan-Altaic identity, complete with a silhouette of a ravaging Mongolic horseman. Apparently they're fans of the Ural-Altaic hypothesis because there's a Magyar forum but I don't see any Suomi; don't know what they have against Finns. Lapps are apparently right out.

I think in response all us Indo-European/Aryan/Kurgans from Reykjavik to Dacca should start our own club. Hear the call, my sisters and brothers in Moscow, Rome, Athens and Oslo, Tehran and Delhi and Tirana! (And not forgetting our brave Tocharian comrades who perished in the sands of the Xinjiang.) We'll organize it into chapters of a hundred each (satem or centum depending how you swing) and instill values of horsemanship, wheel-making and triumvirate-god-worshipping. We can only speak proto-IE at meetings, or failing that, Lithuanian, and I'm sure We can find another Lithuanian besides Marija Gimbutas to lead us. Activities include driving Basques into the Pyrenees, Dravidians out of the Indus Valley, and neolithics from other continents out of existence. I think we're onto something here!

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