Consciousness and how it got to be that way

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Future Direction

I've often found myself holding back from posting something for fear that a subject matter expert would come along and demolish it as either poorly thought-out or naive and ignorant of pre-existing work. But my to-read list isn't getting any shorter, and this isn't a journal article or a thesis. My reasons for writing this blog boil down to thinking out loud in public so I'm forced into some semblance of coherence.

Consequently going forward there will be more volume, with many posts possibly touching on ground that has already been covered by hard-working full-time philosophers and scientists. I hope to offer at the very least a unique synthesis from the perspective of a medical student interested in questions of consciousness, the structure of the universe and the impact of language on our knowledge of it, evolution in the abstract, and recent cognitive changes in humans in general. If you come back to the blog in the future and know of previous work, feel free to comment and direct me and other readers to primary sources.

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